Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Top 4 Automatic Cars below 5 Lakhs in India

More crowd and hectic traffic in cities have influenced gradual increase in desire to own an automatic car

automatic cars in India below 5 lakhs

Every Indian wants to choose a car that fits their budget and at the same time, meets their needs. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 4 automatic cars below 5 lakhs in India.

A daily hectic routine can get to us at times and can stress us out, in a world where technology evolves almost every day the struggle can still get to us. If you live in a metropolitan city, you will have witnessed a traffic jam so infuriating that it makes you want to pull your hair out. Traffic jams are not only bad for your mental health but also your car’s health as it affects the longevity due to the constant stress on the engine and the gearbox, the car’s mechanics can be affected.

A few years ago in India, people didn’t really have a lot of choices when it came to cars, but now there are so many models available with different variants. Automatic cars were the source of some skepticism when they were launched as people did not know whether they would be ideal for the Indian roads or if they were affordable enough to maintain in the long run.

Ever since 2010, companies have brought forth the ideology that automatic gear transmission cars can be fuel efficient, maintenance friendly, and affordable as well. Companies have kept the demand of their customers in mind and adapted to their choices, and now in 2018, the choices are endless.

Here is a list of the top 4 automatic cars below 5 lakhs in India:

1. Tata Nano XMA:

automatic cars in India below 5 lakhs

The new Nano GenX XMA is the first entrant on this list. It’s considered as one of the top automatic cars. They are trendy and affordable with a starting price range of 1.93 lakhs along with an easy shift to make the transition of gear shifts much easier. When this car was initially launched in 2008, people had high hopes for this product as it promised a lot of features that would be within the reach of the common man. Sadly, it failed to deliver those promises by marketing it as the cheapest car that India can buy, didn’t really help its profit margin either. Now, Tata Nano has been revamped and launched into the market as a more of a lifestyle product.

2. Alto K10 AGS

With a starting price of 3.14 lakhs, this car’s Unique Selling Point is its AMT gearbox. Maruti is known for conquering the Indian market all these years with their easy to maintain and fuel-efficient manual models, and now with the new K10, they have delivered the same concept to automatic geared cars too. This car is the most powerful model, in terms of entry-level cars, for the Japanese company ever since 2009 and it got revamped in the year 2014 regarding design and mechanics. It may still look like the Alto 800, but the difference is that the K10 has an AMT gearbox that makes it so enticing. All these features work in the brand’s favor because Maruti has developed into a trusted household name over the years.

3. Suzuki Celerio AMT

Another gem from the Maruti family is the Celerio AT; this car has a starting price range of 4.25 lakhs. This is the car that started the AMT revolution. It’s the reason automatic cars are now affordable and efficient as well. This car cemented the notion that automatic cars can be affordable and of good quality too. It may not be a looker but it has automatic features that outweigh the appearance. It’s spacious and the interiors are well designed. It provides comfort to the passengers and the driver. The starting range of this model is 4.50 lakhs and the engine holds 1.0L petrol. This is why the product has made our list of the top 7 automatic cars below 5 lakhs in India.

4. Grand i10 AMT

automatic cars in India below 5 lakhs

Next on the list is the Grand i10, in terms of style and bustling features, this car takes the cake making the overall package extremely affordable at a price of 4.93 lakhs along with a triple cylinder engine that is powered by 71PS and a good torque of 160 NM. The automatic transmission is very convenient and creates a great driving experience. The theme of this model is a sport and edgy, as well as, boasting spacious interior.


So the cars that were listed above were our selection of the top automatic cars below 5 lakhs in India which are the cheapest automatic cars in India. Hopefully, the list will help you with your decision when it comes to choosing the best car that will suit your needs. If you have any more suggestions, feel free to add them in the comment section below.