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5 Best Auto Gear Cars in India below 5 Lakhs

Automatic cars in range of 5 lakhs

5 Best Auto Gear Cars in India below 5 Lakhs

Auto gear cars in India below 5 lakhs are the most searched cars and they keep the income constraints of its customers in mind. Due to advancement in the technological field, it’s imperative that you get into the hustle; it persuades adverse effects in the healthy life of an individual.

This is all because of busy traffic in metropolitan cities – it feels clumsy to drive around those roads. The problem is not only the cumbersome traffic but this also affects the lifetime of vehicles because of the consistent stress applied upon the gearbox, clutch, and other internal engine parts of the car. Thus, manufacturers have constantly worked on numerous things to come up with new automatic hatchback cars in India. In fact, they have recently released sophisticated and conveniently designed automatic hatchback cars in India that have gained popularity among the audience. It requires no clutch; no manual gears and ensures complete smooth drive.

Few years ago, people were satisfied with mediocre models present in the market as there were fewer choices available and automated transmission cars were considered unsuitable and costlier. However, with progress in modern technology giving way to numerous choices, customers can now choose automatic transmission hatchback cars from any of the best AMT car in India.

We bring you the 5 best auto gear cars in India below 5 lakhs, these top notch models are the best choice for all your automobile needs:

1.     Alto K10 AGS:

Auto Gear Cars in India below 5 Lakhs

From the very beginning, Maruti has set a bench mark by providing the best automatic hatchback car in India. Alto, a model of Maruti, has been accoladed as one of the best selling cars; it’s because of the wide range of exquisite features that flatters people. An important reason for its popularity is Auto Gear Shift (AGS) technology incorporated in the Alto K10 cars. Alto K10 AGS is equipped with automated manual gearbox convenience, stylish exteriors and enhanced 998cc engine with 3 cylinders and coupled with output force 90N and 67bhp which ensures a smooth ride. Its price range is considered quite viable, i.e., Rs. 3.90- 4.06 Lakhs and gives an outstanding mileage of 24.8kmpl. Maruti is a trustworthy brand, its automatic transmission handling and engine consistency adds to its peerless performance that gives best value for your money.

2.     Tata Nano XMA:

Auto Gear Cars in India below 5 Lakhs

One of the latest, trendy and supremely urban automatic hatchback cars in India is the new Tata Nano GenX XMA- starting at affordable price of Rs.1.99-3 lakhs. Nano provides a better impression for smooth ride with (AMA) Easy Shift automated gear shift system and a hoard of modish features. It comes with fuel tank capacity of 24 liters matchless 21.9kmpl mileage. It tosses peak torque of 38bhp and power of 51N accelerated by 624cc twin cylinder engine. Tata Nano XMA helps in all ways to battle out with the traffic by rendering active handling technology and independent suspension system. It gives a great pleasure with auto gear shift technology for a best budget car in India.

3.     Celerio AT:

Auto Gear Cars in India below 5 Lakhs

Celerio is another noteworthy model from Maruti car manufacturers. Celerio is a unique and classic model for its technology – AGS (Automated Gear Shift). It’s a result of simple and unconventional Maruti design, amalgamated to get low maintenance cost and fuel efficient engine to bring out best hatchback car in India below 5 lakhs. Celerio’s price range is between Rs.3.9- 4.96 and is approved by ARAI for its matchless mileage of 21kmpl. It’s powered by 67 bhp torque and 90N power along with brilliant performance at 998cc with triple cylinder. It’s best suited for a stress free drive on the congested roads in the city with hectic traffic every day. Celerio is a great vehicle for those looking out for best Auto Gear cars in India below 5 lakhs with modish interiors and exteriors.

4.     Grand i10 AT

Auto Gear Cars in India below 5 Lakhs

With a good torque of 160NM and power of 71PS along with triple cylinder engine, Grand i10 AT is the best AMT car in India at an affordable price of Rs.4.9 lakhs. Grand i10 has abundant space and bustling features with the best style quotient to provide a cool ride. With plenty of boot space, being aerodynamic and sporty, it brags an ergonomically spaced seating arrangement. Hyundai has been leading manufacturer in the automobile industry right from inaugurating a ‘Gear Shift Indicator’- that helps in enhancing mileage of the car by recommending the optimum gear. Its safety features and the interior design makes it more stupendous than it is, and thrusts to say Grand i10 AT is a best automatic hatch car in India.

5.     Honda Brio AT

Auto Gear Cars in India below 5 Lakhs

Honda has been giving magnificent cars to people of India over the years. Honda city and Honda Brio are two among them. Honda City considered as the premium sedan while Brio is contemplated as a pure gem among the amt cars in India (automated hatchback section). Brio is known for its improved 1.2 liter i-VTEC (Intelligent Variable Valve Timing Electronic Life Control) technology that delivers astounding performance at amusingly low maintenance. Brio gives a powerful performance with 1198cc engine having 4 cylinders and effortlessly delivering economical mileage of 19kmpl. Brio has impressed numerous people for its safety features, drive-ability quality and for affordable price range of Rs.4.48 lakhs. Brio is an energized and well-built car that doesn’t disappoint the users. Marked as ‘Love at First Sight’ by Honda, Brio ensures a great ride for people looking out for the best auto gear cars in India below 5 lakhs.


These are the best 5 Auto Gear Cars in India below 5 lakhs. Which one would be your choice? Comment here let us know. Do share this article if you enjoyed reading it.